We specialize in
wolves but we work
with everything.

We would like to challenge the myth that working with animals in the entertainment industry is difficult or problematic. This belief comes from trying to work with animals without the needed knowledge and understanding. We find that if you combine the natural instinct and unique personality of each animal, then take the time to train the behaviours needed, things tend to be different. But that’s just us …

We are a top supplier of trained animal talent for the film and television industry. With over 20 years’ experience, we understand time is money. We also understand animal behavior and the nuanced pressures of film making.

At Instinct, we specialize in working with wolves but we train just about everything else too. Whether you need a ferocious grizzly bear or a hero dog or maybe a pelican playing football. Whatever you require we will always give you an honest answer on which animal is best suited for your project, because our goal is to make your vision come to life on screen.

We don’t claim to own over 100 animals – instead we pride ourselves on keeping an elite group of well-trained animals.

All of our animals are trained humanely using positive reinforcement techniques. Our training is rewarding and fun protecting and enhancing our animals’ overall well-being.

Our caring approach guarantees that when the animals arrive on set, they are ready for the hustle and bustle of movie making.

If the need arises, we network with other professional animal companies who specialize in different species and believe in the same principles that we do.

At instinct, we don’t shy away from tough projects, and yes, we have had a few over the years. Our reputation has been earned during some of the toughest and hardest projects around the world.

We have spent months in Siberia filming Loup, where winter temperatures dropped to below -60C. We spent three years in China raising and training wolves for Wolf Totem, and endured searing heat in the jungles of Malaysia to shoot the project Operation Mekong.

No matter how extreme the location or how challenging your project is, please don’t worry about us – we can handle it.

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