Production consulting


An Honest approach to a
complicated process.

You won’t hear many people say this, but we are happy to help even if you decide not to use our services. Instinct has an open-door policy to directors, producers and other craft people in our industry. We believe knowledge is for sharing, especially when it aids people like you, who work and support the same industry we’re all so passionate about.

Storyboard support
saves production time and money

Storyboards can be the foundation for working with animals in film projects. They help everyone understand exactly what the intended vision for the animal action is. Once the script is complete, we will work with you to turn the scripted animal scenes into storyboards.





Production scheduling

It’s never a good idea to schedule a wolf pack feeding in the morning, and then running through the woods in the afternoon.

But when making a shooting schedule how many people think about that? We guide you through all your questions and concerns during the pre-production stage, making the production period as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

You have a film project?
in China involving animals?

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